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In 1973 GESERCO invented the concept of “Portable Oil Testing Kit” which allows any user in the field, where the machinery is operated, to instantly monitor the condition of oils and fuels without the need for sending a sample to a laboratory.

Through some very simple, rapid and cost effective techniques, the GESERCO oil test kits give operators and maintenance personnel and advance warning of potential machinery failures, avoiding costly breakdowns, reducing operational expenditures and protecting industrial assets.

The GESERCO test kits are applicable to engine lubricating oils, turbine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, biodiesels, fuels, metal machining fluids...They come with a comprehensive operation and interpretation user guide allowing any user, even a non-specialist, to make immediate on-site decisions for maintaining and safeguarding the lubricated equipment.

Over the past 40 years certain GESERCO tests have become industry standards in the marine, automotive, aircraft and industrial fields... Some have even been standardized by ISO*.

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(*The GESERCO water in oil test kit, PreciWaterTest / Aquatest / UltraPreciWaterTest, is standardized by ISO under number 9114:1997)


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