2012/04: New non hazardous reagent for water content!

Publié le 06 / 04 / 2012

The new GESERCO WT/NH water content reagent is classified as Non-Hazardous for transport and use per UN regulations. It can easily be delivered door-to-door anywhere in the world within 24 to 72 hours*, and with shipping cost savings of 70% or more**.

The new Non Hazardous GESERCO WT/NH reagent is delivered as easy-to-use single dose sachets which can replace traditional WT capsules with any GESERCO water content testers (WaterTest™, PreciWaterTest™, UltraPreciWaterTest™ and AquaTest™) with not impact on the measurement performance.

The traditional WT capsule reagent remains available.

(* depending on available courier services)

(** average saving on the shipment of a 50 doses pack, packing included)

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