2013/12: GESERCO extends the range of the Digital Rapid Oil Tester

Publié le 18 / 12 / 2013

The new Digital Rapid Oil Tester from GESERCO is now available for quickly determining the TBN value of lubricating oils up to 100 BN.

The new version of the GESERCO Digital Rapid Oil Tester is perfectly well suited to monitoring the BN depletion of latest generation marine cylinder oils which are formulated with a very high BN in order to prevent the corrosion of cylinders.

The new version features all the functions which make the GESERCO Digital Rapid Oil Tester an easier and friendlier tool for monitoring oil condition:

  • Accurate measurement within 3 minutes
  • Extra large easy to read digital display providing instructions and results
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Built in memory for recording up to 99 test results
  • Test result pass/fail evaluation
  • USB communication port for downloading test results to a computer

Click here to download a document describing the GESERCO Rapid Oil Test Gauge.

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