2011/10: New GESERCO WaterTest™ kits for SENELEC

Publié le 04 / 10 / 2011

The Senegal power company SENELEC has choosen the new GESERCO WaterTest™ kit to perform field measurement of water presence into oil.  The GESERCO WaterTest™ provides for accurate measurement of free water content into lubricating oil within minutes in various ranges from 0 - 0.3 %H2O to 0 - 15 %H2O. Its measuring principle is derived from the ISO9114:1997 standard and is especially well suited for the measurement of water contents into highly additived lubricating oils. The GESERCO WaterTest™ is housed in a strong and light aluminum case, making it possible to use it in the harshest environment. Click here for more details.

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