Pioneering innovation since 1973: GESERCO's rapid analysis kits!

22 / 09 / 2023

At GESERCO, we're proud to have pioneered the invention of rapid lubricant analysis kits as early as in 1973! Since then, we've never stopped pushing the limits of innovation to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions.

Imagine being able to instantly check the condition of oils and fuels in the field, without having to send a sample to a laboratory. Thanks to our innovative solutions, it’s possible! GESERCO rapid analysis kits are designed to enable users to carry out reliable and accurate tests directly on site, without delay or additional cost.

This revolutionary approach to industrial maintenance extends the life of oils and machines, reducing replacement and maintenance costs. By maintening optimum lubricant quality, equipment performance remains at the highest level, ensuring increased productivity and efficiency.

Choose innovation, efficiency and sustainability with GESERCO!

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