PreciWaterTest™ - UltraPreciWaterTest™

Water content measurement into oils, fuels & any non-volatile liquids

Industries concerned

  • Automotive
  • Power production
  • Defence
  • Paper mill
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemistry
  • Industry
  • Analysis service
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Conforming to ISO9114:1997, AFNOR NF-T60-640 and GFC TR-40-A-14 standards.

The GESERCO UltraPreciWaterTest™ and PreciWaterTest™ apparatus allow for accurate and cost-effective measurement of the water in any non volatile liquids.

They are applicable to measuring water in:

  • Mineral oils and petroleum distillates (engine oils, fuel oils, brake fluids, gearbox oils…), even when massively additived
  • Synthetic oils and lubricants
  • Bio lubricants and bio fuel
  • Vegetable oils
  • Aromatic fluids
  • Alcohols
  • Solid products soluble in petroleum base solvent (greases…)

The water content measurement is simple and easy to perform within minutes. Test results are not biased by the presence of additives in the tested oils.

The GESERCO PreciWaterTest™ is the Reference Apparatus for water content measurement to ISO 9114:1997, GFC TR-40-A-14 and AFNOR NF-T60-640 standards.


The apparatus is housed in a portable wooden varnished cabinet for field use or mounted on a test stand for laboratory use (PreciWaterTest™ only).

The kits include all accessories, reagents and operating manuals for performing and understanding 50 tests unless otherwise specified.

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